Biden-Harris 2024 re-election campaign
and the Democratic National Committee

During the spring of 2024, I worked as a design intern at the DNC, creating graphics and illustrations for the Biden-Harris re-election campaign and the party.

Working under the design directors, Christian Richard and Dámaris Bravo, I both designed within an established brand identity and devised creative solutions for new campaigns, gaining experience communicating with and educating the public on political issues through design. I created graphics for social accounts, emails, digital ads, merchandise, event signage, backdrops, and flyers.

Illustration for the DNC’s “Build the Bench” program, designed to train the next generation of talented, diverse leaders in progressive politics. 

Process. Illustrated with Procreate on iPad.

(L) “Happy Easter” illustration for the DNC’s social media.
(R) Full-graphic email designs for the Mobilization team.


(L) 2024 DNC membership card designs.
(R) Email header design for the DNC’s LGBTQ+ Leadership Council.

Merchandise collection and social media campaign designs for April 2024, celebrating Taylor Swift’s new album. Inspired by the tradition of trading beaded friendship bracelets at Taylor Swift concerts.

“Friendship Bracelet” collection.

Various digital ad mockups created with Photoshop for DNC social media accounts.

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